The Process

I don’t have the same goal as most e-juice vendors. I’m not in the business of selling starter kits, having a public shop, or winning new customers with the aroma-strong, “yummy” flavors.  My mission is to simply make the best e-liquid in the world using a variety of custom extracts and unique flavors put through a strict research and development process. I strive to avoid over-flavoring, perfumey tastes, and the dreaded “vapor’s tongue”. It is important to make a consistent, all-day vape rather than a neat flavor that vaguely resembles a food people like.

While most juice vendors simply buy a nicotine base blend,  mix in popular flavoring, and put the bottle for sale, Ram’s has a 5 stage process.

Stage 1:
This is the experiment stage, and 70% of flavors never move on from here. A base flavor is chosen and slowly mixed into heated propylene glycol. The base is cured in an ultrasonic cleaner. Additional extracts and flavoring is then precisely added, along with vegetable glycerin and nicotine. The mix is cured in an ultrasonic cleaner for an hour, and then left in the open air on a heat plate for an hour to steep. At the end of Stage 1, the e-liquid is tested on an RDA with various power levels and amounts of air intake. If it tastes great, then it goes onto the shelf for Stage 2.

Stage 2:
The e-liquid is placed in a 10ml bottle and left to steep for 24 hours in a dry, heated area. It is then capped and left to steep inside the bottle in a cool area for 48 hours. After these 72 hours, the flavor is again tested on an RDA. If the result is perfect, the flavor enters Stage 3, if it isn’t perfect, the recipe is sent back to Stage 1 for modification.

Stage 3: 
The e-liquid steeps for 14 days under normal conditions. This is to make sure that the liquid preserves flavors when stored. After 14 days, the flavor is tested on a variety of devices to ensure that it works on RBAs, cartomizers, and clear tanks. If all goes well, the flavor enters Stage 4.

Stage 4:
The recipe is made in much larger quantity, and Stage 1 and 2 steep times are increased. If the larger quantity is perfect at the end of Stage 3, the e-liquid is bottled and sold.

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