Here is a list of Ram’s current flavors available or in late stages of development.
In Production means that the flavors will be back in stock soon.

Cinnamon Cake – In Production
A mildly sweetened blend of spice with milky undertones.

Reese’s SpliffIn Stock – 30ML/$15
A smooth Turkish tobacco with hints of peanut butter cup.

Bananalogue – Stage 3
A rich and sharp tobacco flavor that ex-smokers can relate to, with a creamy banana aftertaste.

A Candy Bar!In Stock – 30ML/$15
It’s all in the name. This flavor tastes like you’re eating a milk chocolate candy bar with hints of nuts and caramel.

Cocoleaf - Stage 3
A sophisticated blend of unsweetened dark chocolate and airy cigar tobacco. Made from in-house tobacco extracts, so nicotine may be off by up to 1mg.

Shades OnIn Stock – 30ML/$15
A breezy and incredibly smooth tobacco extract merged with apple extract. The lack of sweeteners and flavor concentrates delivers a unique and delicious fruity tobacco mix.

Dorm Breakfast – In Production – 30ML/$15
A simple and familiar flavor that took many hours of work to achieve: The strawberry Pop-Tart.

Knoxville – Stage 3
The ongoing result of much trial and error with extracting flavor from tobacco and blending them at various temperatures. Knoxville is the perfect natural tobacco flavor.



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